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Our philosophy

If Karine was  rather dreamy, Carole was determined whereas Véronique was much more of a meticulous child. From her part, Valérie was curious. This is not the case for Philippe who was always very careful ! Now that they are all grown up, they have just changed a little, but each member of the Atomic Soda team knows how to remain a child at heart.

This is Atomic Soda: a label of image wishing to preserve the part of childhood in each of us. Since 1996 Atomic Soda has been offering products for young and old alike: stationery, cards, fashion accessories, decorative items for the whole house, always with a touch of originality while being practical. To offer to friends, to treat yourself, and for the whole family, there is always a good opportunity to visit our e‐shop here or any of the many Atomic Soda point of sales!

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